An ancient practice with a modern twist.

Teaching you meditation to alleviate overthinking and stress, improve your sleep and super-charge your concentration. 

There is nothing weird, woo woo or new age about it. It is an ancient spiritual practice with very real scientifically proven benefits.

Just turn up, be still and breathe.
Try a meditation now by clicking on the videos to the left and check out how it's improved my life in the 'about me' page.

"Liz is incredible - a testimony to the practice of meditation & so positive and kind"

"Your voice is incredibly calming. You are open, honest and knowledgeable. You have given me life-transforming tools"

"Superb! 10/10. One of the best hours I have had at work in years."

my story

I’m Liz. I’m a 30 something year old, multitasking, sometimes
mind-bogglingly tired and stressed-out parent, teacher, business owner and human– sound familiar?

about meditation

Meditation is the act of focusing your attention on the breath or another object to bring your mind to stillness and calm. The ultimate aim is to learn to sit with the thoughts and in turn, this will quieten your mind.


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Meditation    Meditation    Meditation    Meditation    Meditation

Meditation    Meditation    Meditation    Meditation    Meditation

Frequently Asked Questions
1. Are there really benefits/what are the benefits of meditation?
2. I have too busy a mind – how can meditation help stop my thoughts?
3. I’m a beginner – where do I start?
5. I am so busy! How can I possibly fit meditation into my life!
4. Do you have to be religious to meditate?
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