What is it?
Meditation is an ancient spiritual practice with its origins in Hinduism and Buddhism. Now mainstream in the Western world there are lots of misconceptions about it. It is NOT getting rid of all your thoughts, because that would mean you are a robot, not a human. Meditation is learning to focus on one thing at once and to use that as an anchor to the present moment. Meditation is not a magic pill and takes time, effort, commitment and consistency. It should also be used in combination with other tools wherever needed. But, it is a beautiful tool to have in your armour giving the power back to you.
What's your proof it works?
Myself! My life changed within weeks of starting a regular meditation practice. I slept better, my mind was calmer, I was kinder to my husband and kids (mostly!). I am also much kinder to myself – not a small feat for someone who used to regularly trash-talk themselves. Oh, the countless studies by top universities, neuroscientists and 5000 years of ancient Hindu and Buddhist (and, most other religions!) spiritual practice may also convince you…check out the info and links below.
Some of the top benefits
Emotional + Mental Benefits
Just so many. There are numerous studies that show that the ‘happier parts of the brain’ are more active as a result of meditation, providing proof that meditation can help those suffering from anxiety, stress or depression. NICE recommends meditation as a treatment for depression. Watch this Ted Talk by the amazing neuroscientist Professor Sara Lazar: (371) How Meditation Can Reshape Our Brains: Sara Lazar at TEDxCambridge 2011 - YouTube.
Physical Benefits
Pregnancy and Birth:
I found being pregnant hard! Then I started meditating; I slept well, I looked forward to giving birth (really!) and had pain-relief free and extraordinary birth experiences with my children. Check out this link - Study shows benefits of mindfulness in pregnancy.

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Me after I've meditated
Physiological Benefits:
Memory, focus and concentration: even the ever-cynical Daily Mail believes in Meditation! MRI scans of people over 50 have showed that meditation may ‘counteract the thinning of the cortex that occurs naturally with ageing’ helping to prevent memory loss. Now meditation is linked to a lower risk of Alzheimer's. This evidence is also supported by Alzheimer’s Prevention Net who recommend using the Kirtan Kriya mantra meditation to slow down memory loss in patients. Read more here Practice the 12-Minute Yoga Meditation Exercise (alzheimersprevention.org).

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There are so many more...
improving heart health, immune health, focus and concentration
improving sleep, reducing anxiety
Basically, meditation is great and can help with a range of issues.

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