Why meditation in the workplace?

Meditation has been proven by countless scientific studies to be hugely beneficial for a myriad of issues ranging from stress and anxiety to enhancing focus and concentration and even improving the immune system and heart health.

We all have very busy lives and meditation gives your employees and colleagues an opportunity to rest, refocus and renew themselves. This improves wellbeing in the workplace as well as enhancing productivity.

Providing meditation as a benefit to your employees shows them they are valued, contributing to improved retention.  

Why meditate with me?

Having been a teacher in Outstanding Secondary Schools for over10 years I know what I am doing, even with the toughest crowds (!).

In July 2022, I trained as a meditation teacher with the British School of Meditation receiving a Distinction in my Diploma.

I am evangelical about the benefits of meditation in every aspect of life. You could not find a more passionate teacher.

How does it work?

We have an initial, free of charge conversation to decide if meditation is right for your company and to discuss your objectives and priorities for the course.

I write a bespoke six week course according to these conversations with clearly outlined prices.  

The standard offer is one live session with me either in person or online(depending on location), followed by five weeks of live in person or online sessions at agreed regular times.

Times would be agreed in advance to fit your company day e.g. early mornings, lunchtimes or end of day.

Each session would be strictly 45 minutes enabling your staff to fit it around their busy schedules.  

Bespoke courses that are longer are available.


Please contact me at or above on the 'contact me' button