Meditation in the workplace

Why meditation in the workplace?

If you are a progressively-minded, employee-focused company and believe your colleagues' wellbeing is central to your ethos, then meditation in the workplace is for you.

Meditation is scientifically proven as a tool to reduce and manage stress and anxiety, improve sleep, enhance the immune system and improve heart health. It is also a fantastic tool to use to deepen connection between teams, resulting in improved office atmosphere and productivity.

"Thank you for an amazing session. You are a fantastic meditation teacher."

Providing meditation as a benefit to your employees shows them they are valued, contributing to improved retention. It can also enhance team connection, improving output.

Why meditate with me?

Having been a teacher in Outstanding Secondary Schools for over 10 years I know what I am doing, even with the toughest of crowds.

In July 2022, I trained as a meditation teacher with the British School of Meditation receiving a Distinction in my Diploma.

"Superb, 10/10. One of the best hours I've had at work for years."

I am evangelical about the benefits of meditation in every aspect of life. You could not find a more passionate teacher.

How does it work?

We have an initial, free-of-charge consultation to discuss your objectives and priorities for the course. These could include stress and anxiety reduction; enhancing focus and concentration; improving office atmosphere or building team connections.

I write a bespoke six to eight week course according to these conversations. 

All prices are clearly outlined.  

Courses for individuals written for their specific needs are also offered.


Please contact me at or above on the 'contact me' button to find out more.