All courses are 6 weeks long. This is because meditation is a skill that needs practice. For many people, it can be challenging when you first begin so over the 6 weeks, I am there to guide you through a variety of meditation skills and help you to sit still for up to 20 minutes at a time - something very few of us do often enough.

The courses I currently run are focused on specific topics such as alleviating stress, improving self-esteem and having a joyful pregnancy, but all are open to anyone (apart from the pregnancy course!). My aim is to be inclusive and open to anyone who could benefit from meditation. None of the courses require previous experience - we learn on the job.

Please contact me directly about ONLINE versions of all courses and bespoke online courses for you.

1-1 Meditation

I offer 1-1 online meditation courses. These are bespoke courses created for you, for your needs. These can be in person or online.

Please contact me for more information.

Schools Offer

I work with individual schools to provide older students with tools to self-
soothe in times of stress, improve concentration and alleviate anxiety.

Please contact me directly to find out more about a bespoke service for your school.