About Me

I’m Liz. I’m a 30 something year old multitasking, sometimes mind-bogglingly tired and stressed out human - sound familiar?! I love meditating. It has changed my life and I want it to change yours too.

My meditation journey began about 15 years ago in my mid-20s, when I learned body scans and mindful breathing. The practices were of significant benefit to my sleep and to my mental health.

I continued meditating on and off whenever I felt stressed over the years and it never failed to help calm the storm within and refresh me.

By my mid-30s, I was happily married with small children. I was working three days a week and looking after those lovely small children the other two days a week. I took more and more on at work and did a huge amount at home too.

I had the seemingly-perfect life but felt shattered.

I instinctively knew that to recover, I had to start meditating.

Where this instinct came from, I will never know but this was pivotal moment in time for me and I have been meditating daily ever since.

Meditation has allowed me to explore issues that have swirled around my head for years. It often (!) soothes my fiery nature. It has given me more boundaried compassion for other people and the natural world.

Meditation gives me focus but more importantly, freedom to rest, recover and ‘be’ literally whenever I need to.

Meditation has changed my life and I truly believe in its power to change yours too!