meditation in schools

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WHAT IS THE PROBLEM? If you are reading this and are a teacher or parent, then you know what the problem is. Social Media. Exam pressure. Societal expectations for our young people. They are anxious, stressed and on the verge of burnout.

WHY MEDITATION IS THE SOLUTION IN A BOX WITH BULLET POINTS AS CORP PAGE: Having been a teacher in Outstanding Schools for over 11 years, I know what I am doing and what works. I have seen amazing benefits to students of using meditation and have taught it to hundreds of students. Meditation is proven to reduce stress and anxiety. It is proven to improve sleep. It is proven to enhance concentration. It is also hugely beneficial to self-esteem.

'I loved the teaching style. It made me stay focused and made me feel relaxed'.

I write bespoke courses for each young person, based on their needs; this could be managing stress and anxiety, improving exam concentration, anger or self-esteem. I also deliver group workshops and wellbeing days.

YOUR PART: If you are a progressively-minded school with your students' wellbeing at the centre of your ethos, then meditation is for you. All you have to do is get in touch.

OUR PART: after our initial, free consultation, we create a bespoke meditation programme for the individual or for groups.

'I will definitely be trying body scans again. It will really help me sleep when I feel anxious and stressed'.  

'thank you for an amazing session. you are a fantastic meditation teacher. the students loved it more than I could have imagined!' head of department/head of year

Get in touch to find out how meditation can help your students with exam concentration, stress, anxiety, sleep and self-esteem.