meditation in schools

'Giving teenagers mindfulness lessons at school to boost wellbeing is largely a waste of time, a major UK study has found.' BBC July 2022

YES! I REALLY INCLUDED THAT! Luckily, I don't teach meditation in the way that it is often often taught in schools - of the broad brushstroke, let's-eat-something-slowly variety. Having been a teacher in Outstanding Schools for over 10 years, I know what I am doing and what works. I take a targeted approach with students, build rapport with them and enable them to see the value in becoming still.

In a recent schools workshop day, 99% of 100 students rated it 'very likely' or 'likely' they would recommend Pragasam Meditation to others

I have seen amazing benefits to students of using meditation and have taught it to literally hundreds of students ranging from 11-18 over 10 years. Students who never get the chance to sit still or come off their phones find that meditation gives them an absolute break and reset from their frenetic lives.

'I loved the teaching style. It made me stay focused and made me feel relaxed'.

I write bespoke courses for your students' needs based on conversations with you about them! I work with individual students for specific needs, including managing stress and anxiety, improving exam concentration or responding lightly to anger. I also deliver group workshops and wellbeing days (though I urge you to consider making this a once-a-term process).

'I will definitely be trying body scans again. It will really help me sleep when I feel anxious and stressed'.

Meditation truly has the power to change your students' lives; from improving focus for exams, to relieving stress and anxiety, to helping them sleep better and building their positive self-esteem. Meditation is a powerful and necessary tool in all young people's lives.

'thank you for an amazing session. you are a fantastic meditation teacher. the students loved it more than I could have imagined!' head of department/head of year

Get in touch to find out how meditation can help your students with exam concentration, stress, anxiety, sleep and self-esteem.